The delicious meal that I met on overseas trips was delicious, the dish ca...

The delicious meal that I met on overseas trips was delicious, the dish called Rakumai, which I ate when I went to Taiwan before. Lu meat is very popular locally, it is very popular. How to make it is simple, carved minced lamb with ginger, garlic, sesame oil and other ingredients and cooked thoroughly in a pot for a long time and eat it as rice cuisine. This is very delicious and the sauce that has been soaked in pork with garlic is very delicious, it is delicious that you would want to say ""I will give you another drink again."" The price was also very cheap, when I ate rice meal in Taiwan, it was certainly 18 yuan. When converting it with Japanese yen at that time, it is about 70 yen or so. I have a memory of being surprised because it was so cheap to eat. This is a dish widely loved throughout Taiwan, so the seasoning is totally different depending on the shop. So you can also enjoy how to say ""Eat meal of rice meal"". Going overseas tends to tend to eat at a fine dining restaurant, but those who eat at a shop where the locals often go are able to meet delicious dishes and delicious meals are also cheap. Before going on a trip, I think that it is good to investigate ""the local delicious shop"" information on the net etc. once.

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